Spec The Halls 2012 : Giving Back


The winter holidays are a special time of year - even if you're on a planet that doesn't have winter.

Spec The Halls looks at the winter holidays - both real and fictional - from a speculative fiction point of view. Fantasy, horror, and science fiction take turns showing us this time of year from a slightly different point of view. The holiday may be fictional or real; it may be Christmas, Yule, Kwanzaa, Festivus, or any holiday we already know and love, or it may be something much stranger.

Links to submitted stories can be found at All Submissions (RSS | e-mail). Other news and announcements will be through the Alliteration Ink blog (RSS).

In 2012, we are focusing on giving back to the community, both by sharing stories and supporting the founder of Spec The Halls at the end of a difficult year.