Hiring a Nanny After the Holidays: Steps to Follow

After all the bustle and hustle of the holiday season, after all the holiday inspired Top Knot Beanies have been taken off and Santa is back in the north pole, it is time for parents to go back to work. For most parents, this means hiring a nanny or looking for a child daycare for the little ones. Some people have family members like in-laws, grandparents and other relatives that are available to babysit and so they don’t have to hire nannies.

For those that have to hire a nanny, there are things you need to do so you can hire the best nanny and have the best care for your child. Finding the right nanny isn’t always easy and it might take some time before you find the right nanny.

Taking this in mind, parents should make enough time to search for a nanny so they should start search as early, so they don’t have to rush. Parents should start the process at least 4 to 6 weeks before they will need the nanny. Parents should follow these steps to help them find the right nanny and make the process of finding the nanny as smooth as possible.

Write a Detailed Job DescriptionTop Knot Beanies

Before you start your search, make sure you write a detailed job description of what you expect from your nanny, what qualifications you need the nanny to have and what you expect from them. You need to write the job description down before you start your search. That way you can know what to ask for and know what to tell people who might be helping your look.

The job description should also include the days of the weeks and times you’ll need the nanny. A complete job description will serve as your guide throughout the search and will help keep parents on track. It also helps weed out any candidates that are not qualified right away. So, for example if the days and times do not fit with the nanny schedule, they can see that right away and let you know so you don’t have to waste time going through an interview process.

Use Agencies and Recommendations

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When you start t search for a nanny, it’s better to start your search from a good place so you have to choose from only qualified candidates. This means using an agency that vets its nannies or going of the recommendation of a friend or family member that have used a nanny in the past. Nanny agencies are there to help parents find qualified nannies that fit their specific needs.

Knowing that the nanny has been properly vetted, is qualified, and has worked with kids before is a good place to start. The background checks are carried out by the nanny agency. Background checks like criminal background checks, checking their references etc. If you don’t want to use an agency, there are aso websites that parents can use to find nannies. These websites have databases of registered nannies and they help parent match with the right nannies they need.

Parents can also ask friend, family, coworkers etc. for recommendations on nannies that have worked with in the past. Sometimes, word of mouth goes a long way to helping you find the right nanny. Now after you’ve found a nanny or you’ve narrowed your search to a few candidates, it’s now time to do a background check on their references.

Parents should do their due diligence to check references, verify contacts, verify background checks to see if they have any criminal records, check the nanny’s social media, google, etc. You can never be too careful so do your due diligence. Even if you are very sure about the nanny and you get good vibes from the nanny, still do your due diligence.

Checking the nanny’s social media will give you a sense of who they are off the clock and also give you an idea of their beliefs and values. This is very important as they will be spending considerable time with your kids and you don’t want them instilling the wrong kind of values on kids who are very impressionable.

Have an In-Person Interview

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This goes without saying but parent should have an in-person interview with a potential nanny before they are actually hired. Invite the nanny over to the home to have a face-to-face chat to get a sense of their personality and their vibe. Start with a random conversation and then dive in and ask them specific questions about their experience being a nanny.

Ask them questions about things in their application that seem unclear. When you do a face-to-face interview, it is important that you go with your instincts and gut feeling. Gut feeling should never be ignored. If the nanny appears very qualified on paper and has all the right answers but you just don’t feel right with it in your gut, then it’s best to go for a different nanny.

Also, during the one-on-one interview have the kids present to see how they interact with the nanny and to see how the nanny interacts with them.

Have a Trial Run

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Having a trial run will save you a lot of possible hassle in the long run. Try to invest in a trial run where you have the nanny come over to watch the child while you watch and see how it goes. If the trial period goes well then you can hire them on full time.

Don’t let the trial run be too short a period because the nanny also needs time to adapt and adjust to the job and needs time to get to know your kids so take this into consideration when setting your trial run.